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At work, in your personal life, do you face challenges? Do you want to learn techniques to come up with new ideas, to solve problems, to move forward? This class is for you.

First, you will learn about "what is creativity", "how it works" and what is "creative thinking". Then, we will analyze a few common situations and teach you practical creative techniques that can help you to solve them.


Have you been in this situation? 


a. You need to find a solution to a problem.
b. You are bored with your routine and want to break it.
c. You have to generate new ideas.
d. You feel like you are stuck and can't move on.

For each situation, we will teach you a creative technique. 

In this 90 minutes workshop you will learn how to use creative thinking techniques can be applied to your work - no matter what is your profession - and to your personal life. This class is interactive, which means that you will test and try these techniques right away.

Interested? Anyone can join this class. You don't need any special background or skills. Just be open minded and try these techniques. You can be more creative, and we will show you how.

Who is teaching this class? 

Carlo is a Designer and Professor with more than 10 years working with international universities and colleges. He's been designing workshop, courses, classes focused on self-improvement and design for many years, both online and in person. He's the founder of the online educational platform onlivedu.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 
Here is a preview of the workshop


What tools do you need to join? 

  • good internet connection to video-stream (this is a live zoom class)

  • paper-notebook (or paper sheets)

  • pencils, pens, markers

  • better to use a laptop (or tablet) since we will share slides

  • use a headset OR make sure you are in a quiet room

You will receive an email with the ZOOM link on the day of the even to join this class. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

To join this online class, please click on the button and pay by using paypal - if you don't have a paypal account you can still use your credit/debit card.

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