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The Drawing Game

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Most people say things like "I can't draw", "I haven't done it for decades", "the last time I did it, I was a teenager"...and so forth. Why is that? Why are people forgetting or ignoring a powerful tool they have had all along? I've been asking myself that question for a long time - and even more so since I started teaching drawing.

Drawing is a form of communication. That's it. That is all you really need to understand about it. I have been teaching drawing classes for years and the first thing I tell my students is: you are not here to be an artist, you are not here to compete with Monet or Da are here to learn to communicate your ideas beyond writing and talking.

The nature of this class is to push people to see something they already have. To push them to express themselves while using a different medium. And it works all the time. Everyone joins thinking they are not good enough, and they leave thinking "I actually did that".

So what is "The Drawing Game"? Is a space designed to encourage people to go beyond their fears. Is a fun activity that both children and adults can do effortlessly. Is the result of years of studies and trials with hundreds of people. And on top of all that, is a free class you can take from home, is live, just like any class at onlivedu, and is almost 100% interactive: participants are engaged and actively doing something for most of the time.

After proposing this class for a while, at onlivedu we have realised that there's something in this 60 minutes that gets people. We see people smiling, being invigorated, they want more, they feel passionate with what they just did. We love it. And this is why we are working to propose more and more classes like this.

Spoiler alert: we have in the making a class called "Draw Your Feelings". Stay tuned and subscribe to, we hope to see you soon!

Check our homepage to see when's the next drawing game coming along, it's going to be worth it!

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