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About us

Thank you for visiting ONLIVEDU. Interested in what is this platform about? First and foremost, ONLIVEDU stands for "online live education" and our goal is to deliver classes and courses that can reach as many people as possible (online), always engaging and interacting in real time with our beloved participants (live) while empowering them and sharing a large number of concepts and ideas (education).


Our mission

Better you, better communities, better world.

Our goal is to empower people to “be better” and to reach as many people as possible we have created this platform - onlivedu - which is open for all, and is growing to reach out to likeminded ladies and gentleman, wherever they are.


Our formula

Stay Human. 

Our formula is to offer online classes, workshops, webinars and courses that are happening in real time - live - in order to engage with people, in order to stay human. 

Our lives seem to me more virtual than real, and in our experience with online classes, we found that interactive, live courses are the best way to learn - and this is why we offer live classes: because it’s when you actively engage with people that learning happens.

A message from the founder

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