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Class Samples


Free classes for all! At onlivedu we want to meet as many people as possible, and this is how we do it! Take a look at some of our monthly free classes! Dozens of people have already joined!


This format - usually 2 to 3 hours classes - is for paid online single classes which. Take a look at what we have been offering so far.


We offer 3 to 6 weeks online courses focused on several topics. The formula for each class is always the same: live, interactive, engaging and fun!


We are always adding more and more free classes to reach as many people as possible with short, engaging and fun classes to share our love and expand our onlivedu-family. Check out on the main page what's the next free class coming up! Kids are welcome too!

courses - 3 TO 6 WEEKS

We are developing more and more short courses focused on design. These courses last 3 to 6 weeks and revolve around the founder's main expertise: design. Check out the upcoming courses, let us know if you are interested. 

single class

This is a sample of our class about creativity - we are working to offer more and more single classes focused on several topics such as mental health, self-growth, life management and more. Check our main page for the upcoming classes!

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