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Interior Design Psychology

Online course by / 3 video recordings + call with the instructor

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Mind and Space are connected, discover how in this short online course.

This course is about the relationship in between the mind and the space around us. Every time you open your eyes, you walk into a room, a restaurant, when you go to the airport, when you step inside a lift you are not only engaging with your body, but you are constantly having a "conversation" in your head with the surrounding space.     

There's a psychology behind the colors we see and how we see them, there's a reason why tall ceilings make us feel in a certain way. Every single aspect of interior design is connected to psychology, and this short course will show and teach you how.

Are you a designer? An architect? A student? This class is for you.   


Course Curriculum 


☱ Class 1 / The Psychology of Space 

An eye-opener class on all the ways we have been engaging with the space around us.


☲ Class 2 / The Perception of Space

Understand what is the relationship of our senses and the space around us.


☴ Class 3 / Lighting and Color Psychology

A deep dive into how we respond to two key element of space design: lighting and color.

What is included in the ticket?


By purchasing the ticket you will receive the recordings of 3 classes (2 hours each), the lecture PDF of each and every class, a direct call with the Instructor once you have watched the recordings to ask any questions you want about this course. You will also receive a "certificate of participation" and unlimited mail support - once you join an onlivedu course, you are a member of our family and we will be happy to stay in touch. 

About the instructor


Prof. Carlo C. has more than 15 years working in the interior design field and teaching interior design for several international universities, institutions and colleges. He's also an accredited online instructor who has started his own online educational platform called For more info about him, you can check his linkedin account.


For any question, please send us a message:

This class is an original creation by - all rights reserved

included in the ticket

Video recordings of 3 classes, so you can watch it in your own time. Each recording is around 2 hours long.

PDF files of 3 classes, in case you prefer to read the lecture or even print it. This is a supportive material specifically designed for this course.

A 1-to-1 call which will be scheduled with the Instructor. We encourage you to collect and write down all the questions you might have.

A certificate of participation with your name, attendance hours and the topic you have learned.

Once you join our course, you are part of the onlivedu family, and therefore we'll be happy to hear from you anytime. Just drop us a message.

Once you purchase the ticket, we will contact you directly to your email and share with you the password to access this course.

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