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Interior Design Styles

Online course by / 3 video recordings + call with the instructor


Welcome to the world of interior design styles! In this blended learning online course, we will embark on an exciting journey to decode and understand the essence of various popular interior styles. 

This course will provide you with a deep dive into the key elements that define different styles - the materials, finishes, color palettes, patterns, accessories and decorative elements. We will break down each style into its constituent parts and really understand what makes it distinctive. 

Our goal is to give you the knowledge and analytical skills to look at any interior space and identify the predominant style. You will learn to spot the telltale signs of styles like modern, traditional, coastal, industrial, boho chic and many more. 

With this new expertise, you'll be able to take inspiration from different styles and create beautiful, cohesive spaces. Whether you're a design enthusiast or a professional, this course will equip you with the insights and vocabulary to discuss interior styles confidently. 

What you will learn in this online course?

  • What is a 'style'

  • How to build your own style

  • The fundamentals of the most popular interior styles

  • Improve your attention for details in interior spaces

  • How to give an identity to your space

  • Finishings, Materials, Color Palettes, Accessories selection

  • Mood-boards creation and implementation

What do you need to join? 

Since this is a hands-on, interactive course, you will need some basics in graphic design. This means that you should be able to use basic graphic softwares (at least one of them) such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote or PowerPoint. In order to be effective, this course needs you to participate in the various activities proposed - but no advanced skills are required.

We strongly recommend you to use a laptop, so you can see the slides and also work during the class. 

Who can join this course?

It is recommended that you are familiar with softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote or PowerPoint (any of them will do). In order to be effective, this course needs you to participate in the various activities proposed - but no advanced skills are required.

What do you get from this course?

  • A styles library, which you will make use of later on in your career 

  • A precise and practical way to build your own style

  • Mood Boards of the styles discussed within this course

  • A certificate of participation

  • Recording + PDFs of each class.


Course Curriculum 


☱ Class 1 / What is a Style + Style 1 Analysis and Mood Board


☲ Class 2 / Style 2, 3, 4 Analysis and Mood Board


☴ Class 3 / Style 5 Analysis and Mood Board + Build your own style

You are free to watch the videos at your own pace, please make sure to take notes and jot down any comments or questions you might have. Once you have watched all the videos, please get in touch with us in order to schedule a 1-to-1 call with the tutor.

What is included in the ticket?


Your ticket includes: recordings of 3 classes (2 hours each), PDF notes for every session, a 1-on-1 call with the instructor to ask questions after reviewing materials, a participation certificate, and ongoing email support. By joining this course, you become part of our community - we're here to help you learn and grow even after the course ends. Access recordings and notes right away, then schedule your personalized call. Join us and get lifetime learning resources and support.

About the instructor


With over 20 years of experience in interior design and teaching interior, furniture and product design, Prof. Carlo brings extensive expertise to this course. He has taught design at international universities and colleges. Prof. Carlo is also an accredited online instructor and founder of the online learning platform His depth of knowledge and passion for teaching comes through in his courses. Learn more about Prof. Carlo's background and credentials on his LinkedIn profile.  


For any question, please send us a message:

This class is an original creation by - all rights reserved

included in the ticket

Video recordings of 3 classes, so you can watch it in your own time. Each recording is around 2 hours long.

PDF files of 3 classes, in case you prefer to read the lecture or even print it. This is a supportive material specifically designed for this course.

A 1-to-1 call which will be scheduled with the Instructor. We encourage you to collect and write down all the questions you might have.

A certificate of participation with your name, attendance hours and the topic you have learned.

Once you join our course, you are part of the onlivedu family, and therefore we'll be happy to hear from you anytime. Just drop us a message.

Once you purchase the ticket, we will contact you directly to your email and share with you the password to access this course.

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