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A personal journey.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Let me tell you a story of a man who found himself in a position to help. Let me tell you a story about knowledge, empathy and education. Let me tell you a story about learning by doing. Let me tell you a story about sharing, listening, understanding and growing.

This is your story as much as it is mine. I am the founder of onlivedu - which stands for online, live, education. Onlivedu is nothing but the natural outcome of years asking the same question: How can I help?

My role in this is simply of a "catalyst" for change, for personal growth, for enrichment and betterment. Your role is of a conspirator, a partner, someone willing to expose him or herself to the very nature of this game, which is to grow together.

In my work as an educator, I've always been fascinated with everyone's personal story. To be an educator you need to understand, first and foremost, that the people in front of you have their own "thing" going on, and with that I don't mean necessarily their own problems. What I mean is that they are - as much as you - at some point in their personal journey.

It's like meeting a stranger at a crossroad. Except: that stranger wants to listen, and you are willing to talk to him/her. In other words, you're suddenly facing each other, and you - the educator - have an obligation to establish a connection. You have to open a channel of communication with a stranger in the middle of his personal experience.

This meeting of personal journeys is pretty much what I've been dealing with for more than ten years. How this happened, at what level and whom was on the other side have changed over the course of time. I have changed in the process too. Onlivedu, its perks and its challenges are simply the latest iteration of this process.

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