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The future of interior design is here

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Interior design represents a whole host of thoughts and creations directly affecting human life and, by extension, human history. As an interior designer and professor, I have had the chance not only to develop, understand, apply and experiment with Interior Design as a profession and a discipline. In the past 10-15 years, due to the upscaling of crucial technologies, such as IoT, VR, AR and 3D printing, many industries have been disrupted and called for an upgrade. Interior Design is no exception.

The way I see it, Interior Design is in the midst of a revolution which is affecting not only the creative process, but also the way is delivered and understood. Think about the plethora of tools any person has to fool around and experiment with it, or think about the surge of smart devices populating every corner of the living space.

There's so much going on that's it's nearly impossible to keep up with it - that is the nature of technology, always going too fast for us, analog humans, to really have a conversation and deeply understand its implications and potential. Meanwhile, we are in 2020, and we need to interrogate ourselves - as designers, as educators, as customers - how we want our living spaces to look like? How do we want our working, eating, shopping experiences to look like? What we make of what we have just experienced due to the pandemic?

In order to address some of these daunting questions, I designed an online course aimed mainly to interior designers, students and interiors enthusiasts. Although the class will address some crucial aspects of the interior design profession, I designed the class to be approachable by most people - as a matter of fact, in the past editions I've had people with no interior design background.

While preparing this class, I realized that there's so much to discuss, so I had to break down this subject into 3 different sessions over the course of 3 weeks - each session is focused on a different theme and will provide participants of a better vision of the current times and our imminent future.

Classes Topics

Class 1 / Today And Tomorrow

In this class, we will learn about what's going on around us today - including how to use social media and the side effects of the pandemic. We will share with you the predictions on how interior design is changing to open your eyes to new opportunities.

Class 2 / Innovations

In this class, we will look at the most important technologies that are revolutionizing the interior design profession and market, and we will share with you how these innovations work, what is their potential and how your career can benefit from them.

Class 3 / Profession

This class is about being an interior designer in 2020 and beyond - we will discuss how the profession and role of designers is evolving and what challenges we are facing. We will share what skills you should have and what "alternative careers" you can do in the future.

Thanks to my experience as a design professor, I was able to apply years of work in the field to a short course which, like all the classes I teach, is focused on delivering ideas through practical exercises and activities.

This short course runs for 3 weeks in a row, in order to join please check out the official website and let me know if you have questions. I'll be happy to explain more about the topics and my personal approach to teaching and interior design.

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