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Launching the Interior Design Program

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

My journey into the design profession has taken me here, to this very day when I'm proudly showcasing my work and years of professional career into a unique program focused in advancing the interior design field.

Introducing to the world made of interior designers, students and design lovers my own Interior Design Program made of several courses which draw upon 15+ years of professional practice and 10+ years as an Interior Design Educator.

Each course is an analysis of different elements of interior design, an investigation into specific aspects of this discipline. Although the topics are different, for each course the goal remains the same: to share all I know and have experienced firsthand with as many people as possible, hoping to spark an inspiration to be the best designers possible.

My work as a designer has been a rollercoaster but there was always a common element since I started working with professional studios and firms: I was getting better project after project, I was learning by doing: I was, and I am, understanding how to design spaces that help people to express themselves, to be comfortable and to support them in whatever they do.

All that work, all those countless hours, all that blood sweat and tears has been later channeled into my work as an Educator, which gave me a new opportunity to share my experience and to design the skills of the people who, eventually, will develop ideas and build the spaces we inhabit.

Teaching, in other words, was a way to continue my work as designer through the many many people I worked with: people with very different cultures and backgrounds who I had the luck to push to be the best they could be.

For me, the publishing of this Interior Design Program is nothing short of a personal and professional milestone: I am sharing my passion and love for this field, but I also share all the mistakes, the way to overcome them, and the very journey I have walked during the past fifteen years.

To begin with, I am sharing six different courses, all focused on topics that are incredibly relevant to designers and future-designers. All the topics have been developed with great efforts and are still in the making - I constantly strive to improve myself and my work, because the world of today is shifting and requires a questioning of everything we do.

Here are the courses that are already available on my platform: each course made of 3 classes x 90 minutes/class + PDF files of the lectures + a 1 to 1 review with me at the end of the course:

Interior Design Psychology: on the relationship between Mind and Space, and how to include it in your own projects

Interior Design Future: an eye-opener course into the next 5-10-15 years of the interior design field

Smart Home Design: a course that will teach you the very basics on how to transform today's home into a "future-home"

Portfolio for Interior Designers: on how to build your printed and online profile in order to kick-start your career

Interior Design Styles: a journey into the most important interior styles and how to build your own style

Lighting for Interior Design: an essential course on what you need to know about lighting design

And this is just the beginning. My goal is to keep including, offer and share courses that speak about our times and our future. My goal is to specifically seek for topics that can bring a designer's career to the next level. I hope you'll enjoy and join this journey, I hope you will be the next great designer out there.

By the time I'm writing this, hundreds of people have already joined the courses you're about to take and many of them are now successful in their own path and I'm immensely proud to have been part of their success.

Feel free to reach out, to propose topics, to collaborate, I'll be more than happy to hear from you.

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