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Who's the CEO of your life?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Life should managed, not solved has been a mantra of mine for years. But how can you manage something as complicated as a human life? I've been working on this idea for some time. Studying and reading about how organizations work, how successful people achieve what they set to achieve, I've kept thinking about how can I channel all those information into something practical.

What if my life was like a company - a big corporation? What if I'm sitting in the "big chair" and calling the shots? What if I could structure my life in such a way that everything is in the service of my own goals? How would I design such a company? What if I was the CEO of my own life?

Asking questions is a very good way to push yourself in new directions. And so I went out to find answers that could be practical and actionable for most people. The result, after years of trial and error, is this class that I called "Be the CEO of your life". The class is an interactive, live session filled with activities to share practical ways to structure, manage, improve and direct your life towards your goals. The class is a gem of self-management, a very straightforward manual to turn you into the CEO of your own company: your life.

Life, as we know too well, is a complex challenge we have to face day-in day-out. Life is no joke. Life demands actions, decisions, goal-setting and determination. Life demands you to be in charge - who else should be in charge of your own existence if not you?

The thing is, most of the time life feels out of reach, out of control, away from us, and we are just in the middle of it trying to float, survive, react to whatever happens in the best way we can. I'm telling you it doesn't have to be that way all the time, or, at least, there's more you can do in order not just to float and survive but rather manage and direct your life in the direction you want to. Of course, troubles, challenges, issues and things that you couldn't plan in advance will always step in the way, no matter how careful and determined you are: but if you could choose in between shaping your life the way you want and letting life being shaped by whatever happens around you, what would you choose?

I designed this class to give people tools - practical, actionable tools - that can literally transform your life, or at least, can empower you to see your life from a completely different perspective.

Life's all about motivation, and to show you this I designed, for example, a tool called "The Compass" which is supposed to show you what matters in your life, the things that "turn you on" regardless of where you are, what's going on in your life or what is your job.

Long story short: this class is for you, and for all the people out there who are struggling, surviving, fighting every day with the many things a human experience is made of. There's something you can do about it, there's more you can do about it, and in this class you can learn ways to be in charge, to be the CEO, the leader your life desperately needs.

If you are interested, join this class, it's going to be worth it.

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