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Are you creative?

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

There's no article, book, motivational speaker that does not mention "creativity" as one of the most important skills to have in the ever-challenging world we live in today - let alone the future we are constantly walking into. But what is it? Where it comes from? How does it work? And most importantly: is it true there's two kinds of people: the creative ones and the rest of us?

Over the years, I have tried to answer those questions in multiple ways. Creativity has been a beast, a muse, a concept, a fleeting moment I've been toying with for most of my life. It's a personal struggle, amplified by the fact that my work demands it for survival. But one thing is "to be creative" and one thing is "to show and teach people how to be creative".

Being creative is a complicated and a very personal type of process one finds him/herself into at some stage in order to achieve something. So what is it, really? Practically speaking creativity is like air, it's everywhere: you can be creative at anything - it's a human force "hidden" in plain air, we just fail to see it most of the time. Creativity does not have a specific field of work...say art or music or dance or design: that's a very misleading way to look at it.

Creativity comes from the very fact you have a brain, intelligence and "super-powers" that, as you will find out during the class "Creative Powers", you are using on a daily basis. There's nothing extra-ordinary in being creative. And the short answer to this article's question is: yes, you are creative.

This class is designed to showcase a very specific way of looking at things, a pair of glasses that you can "wear" to look at the world in a completely different light.

I've been working with people who think they are not creative for some time. Invariably those people are equipped with the "anti-creative microchip" - a wrongly constructed assumption that has no basis in reality, a made-up way of looking at yourself as the person who can't really come up with something new or different. All these people need is a chance to shine, a chance to express themselves. All these people need is tools.

You have all you need to be creative. What you don't have is the right mindset. Check out our class "Creative Powers", it might give you the answers you are looking for.

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